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Uggla going for some Big Fly Records

Danny has a chance to rewrite the record books.

All-Star Dan Uggla began the three-game series in Los Angeles needing just five homers to tie Joe Gordon's record for home runs by a rookie second baseman. Gordon hit 25 homers -- 24 as a second baseman -- in 1938, his first season with the Yankees.

''That's kind of crazy,'' Uggla said. ``This whole year's been kind of crazy.''

If Uggla can get 7 more home runs, he will not only break the rookie second baseman record but he will also tie the rookie home run record for the Marlins, which was set by Preston Wilson in 1999.

Uggla since the All-Star break is averaging about 1 home run every 5.2 games.  The team has 44 games left in the season, if he should keep up his post All-Star pace he will hit about 8 or 9 home runs to capture both records outright.

Good Luck Danny!

Uggla will be taking a 11 game hitting streak into tonight's game.