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Willis and Cramps

I don't know how closely you were watching Willis' last two starts but in each of them Girardi and the trainers have stopped the game in order to make a visit to Dontrelle.

Dontrelle Willis is learning that drinking lots of water each day won't keep the trainers away.

Each of Willis' past two starts has been interrupted by visits to the mound by team trainers. But it's nothing serious, team officials say.

"He's got a cramp in his hand,'' manager Joe Girardi said. "Physically, there is nothing wrong with Dontrelle.''

Willis, who starts tonight in Los Angeles, said he thinks the cramping is related to the liberal amount of water he drinks each day to keep hydrated while in the summer heat.

"They always get on me about (the importance of) drinking enough water,'' he said. "It was just cramping, but I'm fine.''

May be it is just a hydration thing and Dontrelle is forgetting to take in the proper amount of fluids.  But that would be surprising to me since Willis is known to be stickler in his preparation for each of his starts and sticks to his normal routine during the game.  From what I understand, his routine is the same as last year's.

I wonder if he is unconsciously gripping the ball tighter this year causing the occasional control problems and late inning hand cramps.  It is just a thought.