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Treanor could be Back Soon

Matt Treanor is progressing a little quicker than once thought.  That or he is learning to hide the pain better.

Treanor improving: Backup catcher Matt Treanor put on his gear and caught in the bullpen Sunday for the first time since he went on the disabled list Aug. 5 with a left shoulder strain.

Girardi said there is a chance Treanor, who has been taking batting practice since Friday, can return to action Wednesday.

If Treanor is indeed ready to go, it will be great to have him back.  I know Olivo sure could use a couple of days off.  But if this is a rush job, which I sincerely hope it isn't, it isn't going to help anyone, especially Treanor.

If you didn't see Fishfan24's impression of Treanor's condition, I would recommend you give it a read.