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Uggla Honored

Danny is getting noticed.

Second baseman Dan Uggla was the only Marlin to receive mention in Baseball America's annual Best Tools survey of National League managers.

Uggla was voted the third-best defensive second baseman in the NL, trailing only Gold Glove winner Orlando Hudson (Diamondbacks) and Jose Castillo (Pirates).

The distinction was a testament to the hard work turned in by Uggla and infield coach Perry Hill. When the Marlins selected Uggla in the Rule 5 draft last winter, defense was considered a major shortcoming.


The hard work began in spring training when Perry and Uggla went through extra workouts every day.

"I abused the poor kid in spring training. I felt bad for him, but he never complained," Perry said.

That's our Oogie.

(Note: everything is short today - I have to be at work real early)