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Mitre Activated Yesterday

In case you didn't hear, Serigo Mitre has rejoined the club.

After nearly three months on the disabled list, former starter Sergio Mitre was activated Wednesday, replacing reliever Logan Kensing, who went on the DL with a wrist flexor strain.

While Mitre would like to get back in the starting rotation where he started the season before being sidelined May 13 by an inflamed right shoulder, he understands why his next appearance will be out of the bullpen.

"I wasn't around long enough to come back from an injury and say, `OK, this is my spot,'" Mitre said.


"He'll be asked to do short stints and probably some important innings. We are going to need big outs from Sergio," said manager Joe Girardi.

I was definitely wrong about this one.  I thought that he would stay in the minors longer to build arm strength and regain command of his pitches but apparently those goals have been achieved.

If Mitre is going to do short stints, I'm having a hard time imagining where he will fit in.  Borowski is still the closer.  Tankersley has the late innings short outings covered.  Herges does a pretty decent job of coming into the starter's jam and salvaging it.  Big Moe looked good in short relief - long relief, not so much.  But the data sample is very small on prominent one.  Not to mention Messenger who the club will keep sending in.  And then there is Renyel "Sominex" Pinto, if you saw last night's game I don't need to explain the nickname.  He has handled mostly only a inning at a time with success.

I'm afraid he is just going to get paid to watch the game from the bullpen, like Vargas did, and that is the last thing he needs to be doing after coming off the 60-day DL.