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Jeff Allison's Problems Persist

Something that should never remain the same - keeps remaining the same.

Marlins pitching prospect Jeff Allison has reportedly suffered his second overdose in just over two years.

According to The Boston Globe, Medford, Mass., police found Allison unconscious Monday in an apartment building. Rescue workers revived Allison at the scene, and he was hospitalized in Winchester, Mass., and later released.

It's unclear what caused Allison, 21, to overdose this time, but he suffered a near-fatal heroin overdose in July 2004. He has also tested positive for marijuana in baseball-sanctioned drug tests and has sought treatment for Oxycontin dependency.

Medford is just north of Boston and about 20 miles south of Peabody, where Allison starred in high school. The Marlins drafted him with the 16th overall pick in June 2003 and gave him a $1.85 million signing bonus.

Because of his off-field troubles, Allison has seen no more than perhaps half that amount, much of which he must repay the Marlins per the conditions of his restructured contract.

This is sad.

At this point I don't care about the first-round draft pick squandered, I just hope he can somehow get his life in order.