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Time to Change Dontrelle's Catcher Again?

After Saturday's game ended I was thinking that it might be time to re-couple Willis with Treanor.

Fortunately, Maverick ran the numbers saving me from having to do it and therefore allowing me to continue on with my lazy existence.  But I digress.  This is the tale of the tape, so to speak.

Dontrelle has made 22 starts this year, Olivo has caught 11, Treanor has caught 11 (gotta love when stuff works out like that). Your numbers:

Olivo: 1-5, 62.1 IP, 77 HA, 44 ER, 24 BB, 42 K, 6.35 ERA
Treanor: 5-3, 83 IP, 86 HA, 25 ER, 26 BB, 52 K, 2.71 ERA

(Note: I did some editing to make the numbers fit the site's borders.  I hope Maverick doesn't mind.)

Maverick believes that Treanor should be Dontrelle's personal catcher at the expense of Olivo's bat.  I must say, I agree completely.

Since Willis was brought up he has always had a veteran catcher receiving his pitches.  When he first came up Pudge was his catcher.  In 2004 it was Redmond until Lo Duca came on board.  The 2005 season was Lo Duca, mainly, and Treanor.

Dontrelle excels when he has an experienced hand to guide him through the game and the team needs Dontrelle to excel.