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Hammering the Wrong Thing

Dan mentioned in yesterday's comments about Willingham running over Ramirez.  Unfortunately Josh is getting quite skilled at this collision thing.

Willingham has taken out center fielder Reggie Abercrombie at least once. Saturday, the left fielder hit shortstop Hanley Ramirez with an elbow to the head as the two converged on a pop-up in Game 1. Ramirez was dazed and down for a while but remained in the game.

While playing first base in the second game, Willingham and catcher Miguel Olivo came together on another pop-up on the first-base line. Ramirez and Olivo made the catches.


Girardi said..."Hammer's got that type of voice that doesn't really carry. It's just learning to communicate. When you're out there playing all different positions, it takes time. I'd rather have him going after the ball than not going after it."

If his voice really won't carry he either needs voice projection lessons, which Dr F might be willing to provide, or he needs to learn the skill of a taking a look down while running to ball.

But they need to do something before someone gets hurt.