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Borowski's Payday keeps growing larger and larger

The Marlins closer is well on his way to cashing in on the maximum amount of his contract.

Borowski has 15 saves and 33 appearances in what has been his most productive year since 2003 when he finished with 33 saves and 73 appearances for the Chicago Cubs. He struggled in 2004 with shoulder problems and was dealt to Tampa Bay in early 2005. Borowski said at least 12 teams expressed interest in him during the winter before shying away because of concerns about his health.

The Marlins took a gamble, signing him to an incentive-laden contract worth $1,050,000 if he finishes with 60 appearances. Borowski was guaranteed just $327,000, the major-league minimum, but so far he has earned an additional $323,000 with his appearances. If he makes seven more appearances, his salary will jump to $850,000.

"I love being an underdog-type where nobody thinks you can do anything anymore. I relish it because it gives me that much more motivation," he said.

Joe keep going the way you have been going and next year's contract won't be a carrot on a stick.  Instead you will just be handed the carrot.  Of course, that could mess up that motivational thing but hey, worry about that next year after the check has cleared the bank.