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Pitching Concerns

The Marlins starters have given up 10 home runs in the three games the team has played in July.

To a man, when asked about their pitching performance, they have said:  I made some bad pitches.  I was leaving the ball up.

Generally when pitchers leave the ball up in the zone they are getting tired. The young Marlins have thrown deep into games, logging a lot of innings and pitches.

If their arms are indeed getting tired it might be time to consider going to a six-man rotation when Moehler comes off the DL.

The downside to a six-man rotation is it eliminates starts for hot pitchers.  

The upside is it will limit innings to all of the young starters. There is a negative correlation between innings pitched and future longevity early in a player's career.  Hopefully the team is in it for long haul.

The All-Star break can't come soon enough.