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Loria joins Operations Team in Philly

The person who controls the purse strings is now in Philadelphia.

Although owner Jeffrey Loria joined his baseball operations team in Philadelphia on Saturday, the Marlins still remain on the outside of major trade rumors.

"In terms of major changes for this team, I wouldn't anticipate that happening,'' General Manager Larry Beinfest said. "If something makes sense and I think we can help ourselves now and in the future, I think we'll look at that.''

Manager Joe Girardi is not planning on welcoming any new faces by Monday's 4 p.m. deadline.

When asked about Willis and Cabrera, he had this to say:

"Are Dontrelle and (Miguel) Cabrera going anywhere? No. No. No,'' Loria said.

I guess that is good to hear but it is not completely reassuring.  Last year he said the same thing about Delgado during the season and last time I checked Carlos wasn't in a Marlins uniform.

That said, I will be downright shocked if Willis and/or Cabrera is traded.

[Update 1] To the good people from Lone Star Ball and The Newberg Report: I am aware of the rumor and I am following it. But at this point it is just a rumor.

[Update 2] For our visitors: the news from Miami is in and there is no mention of the rumor being true.