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Ross the Answer in Center Field?

Cody Ross has started the last five games in center field.

''I'm finally getting my chance to show them and everybody that I can play in the big leagues,'' said Ross, who has appeared in more games, 39, this season with the Marlins than he played with his first three organizations combined. ``I always knew I could. Now I'm trying to take advantage of the opportunity.''

Ross, 25, entered Wednesday's start, his fifth in a row, hitting .265 this season, 43 points above his career average. He also had four homers in his past six games, and he has played outstanding defense.

''You have to earn your playing time, and he's earned playing time,'' Marlins manager Joe Girardi said of Ross, whom the Marlins obtained from Cincinnati in late May. ``Obviously, he's a big bat in our lineup.''

Ross was a savior for the Marlins on Tuesday, when he hit two solo homers to account for all the offense in a 2-1 victory.

From watching Ross defensively in center field, what little I have seen, his range isn't great but it is okay.  The plus is he has made the plays he gets to.

Also, it may not only be that Marlins have found a center fielder for the now, they may have found the answer to the four-hole in the lineup for the rest of the season.

Ross has been slotted in the four-hole for 6 games and he has not disappointed.

6 23 7 8 2 3 6 .348 1.201

Batting in that position in the lineup takes a person with the proper mind set.  I have seen many a player moved to the fourth position because they were hitting well in the sixth or seventh slot only to fail.

In the Marlins case, this year, may be it takes a rodeo clown wannabe to fill the shoes.