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Can't Pay Enough for Good Information

One of the many things the rookies have had to adjust to this season is the amount of information provided to them by the club.

Before they step in a batters' box or on a mound, a player can prepare with various fountains of information, many of which either flow at a trickle or not at all in the minors.

What rookies have to learn is how best to employ these vast resources without letting the material cloud their minds come game time.


In addition to employing a full-time advance scout in Joe Moeller, the Marlins, as do many teams, subscribe to Inside Edge scouting service.


Everyone on the team makes use of the video room to some extent. Video coordinator Cullen McCrae does everything from preparing material on upcoming opponents to downloading a player's at-bats or outings on his iPod.


Video can be especially helpful when facing a pitcher for the first time. That night's opposing starter's last outing is running on one of the clubhouse televisions before the game. That gives hitters a sense of not only what a guy throws and when, but how his pitches break.


Added third-base coach Bobby Meacham: "Too much information, I don't think it's possible. What somebody may call too much information, just don't use it. Use what you can use and now it's really not too much information."

I can see how with this much information being presented to the young players along with the task of playing in the Majors for the first time would be daunting.  But they have seem to have adjusted well to their new surroundings and all of the studying.

Something gives me the idea there are a lot of teachers following their former students wondering why they didn't try this hard in their classes.