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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Marlins at Braves (7/25)

The Marlins are at Turner Field tonight to take on the resurgent Braves.

The Marlins starting pitcher is Anibal Sanchez.  The Braves will send Chuck James to the mound.

Game time is 7:35 p.m.

Sanchez has been outstanding in his last two starts and is looking to extend his 18 1/3 inning scoreless streak.

James is a lefty and has won his past four starts.  Not that he has pitched all that well but the Braves have been lighting up the scoreboard like a pinball machine recently.  In his starts, left-handed hitters are batting .321 while righties are only hitting .200. Go figure.

At the time I am writing this it is unclear whether the Jones boys will play tonight or not.

Ichthyomancy is ready for action.  Be sure to get your picks in on time.

Here's today's Ichthyomancy pick table:

FishStriper Attendance Player AAB
Al State 24,950 Uggla Sanchez: ER>0 in 1st
Bobbob 28,394 Cabrera Sanchez: 1 H in 1st
Colombo 20,346 Sanchez Game: 15+ R
C60 47,250 Cabrera Marlins R>2xBraves R
Dan 22,427 Uggla Francoeur: doesn't reach base
Double B 23,451 Sanchez Marlins blow lead in 9th
Dr F 23,910 Olivo Sanchez: 0 H thru 5
Fishfan 26,000 Uggla Sanchez IP ≥ 8 innings
Fluxuation 32,355 Sanchez Marlins: 6+ R in an inning
HadMatter 28,560 Jacobs Marlins: 3 HR
Jscape 15,423 Ramirez Marlins: IBB except Cabrera
17MarlinS35 27,714 Uggla Jacobs: 3B shy of cycle

Best of Luck to Everyone!