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The Marlins Standing Pat?

The Marlins are planning to finish the season with the team they have now.  That is, barring any unforeseen killer offers from the other clubs.

The Marlins have pretty well established Dontrelle Willis isn't going anywhere.

Sunday, they hinted neither is anyone else.

"I really believe we're done trading for the [season]," manager Joe Girardi said.

Girardi made that statement without the least bit of disappointment. The non-waiver trade deadline is Sunday. That the Marlins will likely neither add nor subtract players is fine with Girardi.


"I would echo Joe's sentiment that we're happy with the ballclub, the way it's come together and played and matured, and really been competitive from day one," General Manager Larry Beinfest said. "This deadline is no different in that our job is to be on the phone, find out what's happening in the marketplace and find out what opportunities are there.

"Are we adding? We're seven games under .500 and have a bunch of teams in front of us. We'll see how things go."

The trade situation is about like most of us have thought - the team will remain as is, unless an incredible offer is put on the table.

As of a couple of day ago the team had only received serious interest in Helms.  But the organization, at this point, thinks he and the others are more valuable here than what they could get for them in a trade.

I like the idea of finishing the season with the present team.  They are fun and exciting to watch - even though sometimes it is all I can do to keep from banging my head on the desk after some plays.  I like this team, warts and all.

If another club is willing to make the "offer you can't refuse", fine, take it but otherwise, I want to see how this story ends with the present cast of characters.