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Trade Rumors

Well, well, well, what have we here?
Trade rumors, huh?
I guess it's that time of year.

Normally I wouldn't concern myself with the rumors.  My feeling is: one, no matter what I think it won't effect the club's actions and two, trades are easier to deal with after they happen instead of analyzing every possible permeation of every rumor presented.

But today is an exception.  The reason being is that various Cardinals sites have picked up on a rumor posted on a message board and believe it to have some credence.

The other reason is some of the good people from Viva El Birdos keep checking FishStripes to see what our take is on it and I wouldn't want to disappoint.

Here is the rumor, via STLtoday:

Colby Rasmus, Reyes, and two others for Willis?

According to Colby Rasmus' dad, its being discussed.


Colby just called me and said his agent told him of conversations the cardinals were having with the possibility of Colby and a three or four other Cardinal players going to Florida in return for Dontrelle Willis. Reyes and Colby were the only 2 players Colby was told about, he did not hear who the other 2/3 players were. His words to me, "Man that sucks"

This was posted by some guy who goes by the name Hawg_Wild03.

Over at Viva El Birdos, they did an extensive analysis on the possible trade and even conducted a poll as to what to the members of the site thought about the possibility.

When it is all said and done, the analysis leans a little to accepting the trade and the poll, last time I checked, was slightly to the not doing it option.

The Cardinals fans are a bit on the fence but could be convinced to take the chance.

My take:

You have got to be kidding me.  That, for Willis?!?

I will break it down a little.

Reyes is Tommy John surgery waiting to happen.  I won't bother going into his whole injury plagued young career but I will quote Baseball Prospectus St. Louis Health Report who rated him a red:

SP - Anthony Reyes...but Reyes is only good when healthy, which is seldom. His mechanics are worse than when he was at USC.

At USC he had elbow problems.

Then there is Colby Rasmus an OF hitting prospect.

Last year the Marlins had arguably the best OF hitting prospect in the Minors, Jeremy Hermida.  He has been up the big club all season and in a 189 AB, he has produced 16 RBI and 3 HR.  I believe Hermida will come around but it is going take some adjustments.

That said, I am expected to get excited about Rasmus who is hitting .188 in High-A.  Give me a break.

The rest of the young kids in the deal are throw-ins.  Maybe they will amount to something and maybe they won't.  Only time will tell.

The two highest profile names on the Cardinals side don't impress me as anywhere near worthy of making this deal.

Beinfest is a smart guy.  So I think this all mindless chatter.

The other main reason I don't think this or any other trade concerning Willis will happen this season, forget any baseball reasons, the organization is looking for public funding for a baseball only stadium in South Florida.  They are already on thin ice after the second fire sale in less than 10 years and to trade the public's favorite player and the main icon of the team would be next to stadium suicide.

Should it happen, here is your warning, there will be about a weeks worth of posts lamenting: "The Worst Trade Ever".

If that isn't enough, another rumor came out from the Mets:

Read about it here.

I hate trade deadline week.