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Moehler Back Soon

Big Moe is working his way through rehab and should join the staff soon.

A decision about the starting rotation is looming for manager Joe Girardi.

With injured starting pitcher Brian Moehler expected back by July 30, Girardi will have to pick between putting Moehler back in the rotation or sending him to the bullpen.

And if Moehler does start, which of the young players that have filled in so admirably does Girardi sit?

"We will evaluate the situation at that time," is all Girardi would say Thursday.

Moehler pitched a simulated game Thursday afternoon at Dolphin Stadium, throwing 40 pitches, and Girardi said he could be ready to return July 30 when the Marlins play a doubleheader in Philadelphia.

The prominent one will pitch on Monday in the Gulf Coast League.  Assuming there are no setbacks he should rejoin the team in time for the double header in Philadelphia on July 30 when the team is going to need an extra starter.

After that, I expect him to be in the bullpen regaining arm strength.  I wouldn't be surprised come late August or early September to see the Marlins go to a six-man rotation.  The reason for doing this is to save the wear and tear on the young arms that presently compose the rotation.

That being said: I doubt that Moehler is a trade candidate at the deadline.  He is coming off an injury to his push-off foot, reducing his market value and he may be needed to relieve some stress on the 23-plus year old arms.