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Doing the Celebration Dance

Alfredo and Hanley celebrate Amezaga catching the final out of the game.

Not bad for the one the guys having a sore knee.

Sanchez has shutout the opponents in his last two starts.  In fact, he hasn't been scored upon in 18 1/3 innings.

After the game, the reporters were naturally flocking to his locker and one extrapolated as to what his next start may hold.

''I don't know about that,'' Sanchez replied, laughing, when it was suggested that the next step in the progression was a no-hitter. ``You don't know what's going to happen in your next start. Maybe you give up 100 runs. Maybe you pitch a no-hitter. You don't know.''

Anibal, I have no-idea whether a no-hitter is in your immediate future.  But trust me, there is no way on this planet you will be allowed to give up 100 runs.  If you do, someone is getting fired.

I do appreciate the humility, however.