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Trade Rumor

I don't know if you have heard this but the rumor afloat is that the Marlins are interested in acquiring the services of Willy Taveras.

The Astros are believed to be shopping outfielders Willy Taveras and Luke Scott, who were traded together to the Astros from Cleveland in exchange for lefthander Jeriome Robertson prior to the 2004 season.

The Marlins and Cubs have interest in Taveras.

Why the Cubs would want him when they have Pierre is a little bit of a mystery.  Yes, I know Pierre is having an off-year but he has started to heat up of late.  Taveras is cheaper which is about the only reason they would want to acquire him that comes to mind.  But enough about the Cubs, I really don't care about their situation.  This is a Marlins site.

I don't think a trade for Taveras would be in the best interest of the franchise - not that they have ever ask me.  Sure he is speedy but he is light hitting and that would add next to nothing to the present team.  I would much rather see the organization continue to let Abercrombie develop, at least he has power along with speed.  Or let Alfredo take the spot over if Reggie isn't progressing to anyone's liking.  The case has been argued that Amezaga is too valuable as a utility man to put in the field on an everyday basis.  I can't say I agree with this.  If Abercrombie can get the job done, great.  Then use Alfredo as the super utility man he is, but if not, let Alfredo play.

Jeff Conine, you remember him, had this to say about trade rumors.

"Most rumors never come true," Conine said. "And those trades that do happen are usually not ones your hear about beforehand."

With some high profile exceptions, he is spot on.  So it is very likely this is all much ado about nothing.