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Outfield Web Gems

Cody Ross making a spectacular catch on Scott's line drive.

Fun fact to know about Cody Ross from the July 17 edition of ESPN the Magazine.  (I have no idea what the rules are for quoting something from ESPN the Magazine.   I'm sure if they don't like it, I will find out shortly.)

Growing up in New Mexico, Cody Ross had two dreams.  "One was to be a big leaguer" says the Marlins outfielder, "and the other was to be a rodeo clown."

The emphasis is mine.

I think that after taking a ball to the face and being in the lineup the next day, he would have made a very good rodeo clown.

I couldn't find a picture of Alfredo's catch in center field.  But this is the best account of it:  Amezaga at center stage in victory

Did you know the Marlins are 13-3 when Alfredo plays in center.  Food for thought.