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Garner does the Apology Dance

All-Star manager claims he intended for the Marlins representatives to play in the game.

Astros manager Phil Garner said he regretted not getting Marlins rookie Dan Uggla into Tuesday's All-Star Game, but added he felt the same way for the other three position players who failed to see action for the National League (Nomar Garciaparra, Andruw Jones and Scott Rolen).

"Unfortunately [Miguel] Cabrera didn't get a chance to hit either," Garner said. "I had hoped that he would, and I was going to use Dan in the late innings."

Whatever.  I can see the problem you had Phil - how could anyone know when the late innings were approaching.

Well, let me help you out.  There is this thing called a scoreboard - it's the big black thing with all the numbers on it in the outfield.  It keeps an account of things like hits, runs, errors and even the score.  But even beyond that it keeps track of the innings, while looking at it may have taken some television interview time away from you - it also might have help as to when to make the substitutions you claim you wanted to make.

Phil, say what you want.  Spin it anyway your heart desires but I'm not buying any of the story unless your an idiot.  You put Cabrera in a spot in the lineup that required a number of batters to reach base in order for him to get a plate appearance.  And you can't figure out that the game is nearing its end to get Uggla in to play.

Give me a break.

Aside: If I were Andruw Jones, I would start to wonder what the opposing NL managers have against me.  This is the second year in a row they have either kept him out of the game or put him in the late innings to pinch hit.  What's a guy got to do to get a little respect in this league?