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Willis Stays Off the Blocks

Dontrelle continues to be unavailable as the trade deadline approaches at the end of the month.

Baseball people who have talked with the Marlins at the All-Star Game say any trade overtures regarding the franchise left-hander have been quickly rejected.

"At this point he's untouchable," a National League source said Tuesday. "He's not available, and I really don't foresee that changing."

Let's hope he stays that way.  I think he will.

Honestly this report doesn't surprise me at all.  After two fire sales, trading the face of the Marlins, their most popular player, while trying to land a funding deal for a new stadium wouldn't inspire much goodwill with the locals or the local politicans. The Marlins front office is having a tough enough time getting a deal done as it is.

Speaking of stadium deals. Selig, at the All-Star game rehashed MLB's stance on a stadium for the team.  Spouting the usual mantra that most everyone agrees with: the team should stay in South Florida but it can't continue to play in that not made for baseball stadium and the lease is horrible.  Nothing new but at least it appears to be on the front burner.