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Uggla at the All-Star Game

I thought I would focus on Uggla, especially since everyone else did.

The first thing is about the video camera that he was seen with at the Home Run Derby.

Dan Uggla has no experience as a videographer, but that didn't stop the Marlins second baseman from landing a freelance gig on All-Star Monday.

Upon hearing Uggla had shown up for his first All-Star Game without a camcorder, a Comcast cable producer from Philadelphia offered him the use of a high-definition minicam during the Home Run Derby.

He was promised a copy of the tape and didn't seem to mind that he wouldn't get to keep the camcorder. The only stipulation was that he follow Phillies slugger Ryan Howard as much as possible.

Dan, your idea would have worked if we had only known a way to contact him and he could have kept the camcorder.  Now, the only way to get a hold of the video is to work a deal with Comcast and fat chance of that happening.

The initial reports were not incorrect about Uggla purchasing a video camera for the event.

As for the camcorder, he actually bought one last week but returned it when he was told he could get one through his association with Wilson Sporting Goods. That was still in the works Monday when the Philadelphia TV people stepped in.

Why didn't he just keep the one he bought?

"I'm still cheap, man," he said with a laugh. "Besides, I'm not that big into technology."

Okay, him getting to keep the camcorder may not have been a big selling point but we would have at least been the first to offer it.

Since Danny didn't get into the game his All-Star memories will come from events such as the ride to the park.

Dan Uggla hitched a ride to the ballpark Tuesday. Well, actually, all the All-Stars did, riding down a red carpet over the Roberto Clemente Bridge in the back of a Chevy Avalanche.

But although Ivan Rodriguez brought his family and David Ortiz and Alex Rodriguez dressed as though they were posing for the cover of a fashion magazine, Uggla rode alone wearing blue jeans and a white striped shirt with two buttons undone.

''That was pretty awesome,'' said Uggla, who received warm applause from the crowd lining the bridge. ``People were yelling and screaming.''

Oogie, I would like to tell you how I would have done it differently, but I'm afraid I can't.

Even though he didn't see any playing time, he didn't come away emptied handed.

As Uggla packed his bag for the trip home, he had to make room for a couple of collector's items he picked up.

"I got a couple of jerseys signed and a bat signed," he said.

For a player who never got in the game, he did generate a lot ink.  And that, in itself, is something.