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Open Thread and Ichthyomancy: Home Run Derby (7/10)

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Tonight is the Home Run Derby version of Ichthyomancy.

The Derby starts at 8:00 p.m.

This year the format returns to the NL vs. AL.  The rules are the same as they have been in the past.

The Rules

Opening Round
  • Each player gets 10 outs to hit as many home runs as possible.
  • The four players with the most home runs hit in the Opening Round advance to the Semi-Final Round.
Semi-Final Round
  • Home runs do not carry over; Opening Round totals are cleared from the board.
  • Each player gets 10 outs to hit as many home runs as possible per at bat.
  • The two players with the most home runs in the Semi-Final Round advance to the Championship Round.
Championship Round
  • Home runs from the first two rounds do not carry over to the Championship Round; Opening and Semi-Final Round totals are cleared from the board.
  • Each player gets 10 outs to hit as many home runs as possible.
  • The player who hits the most home runs in the Championship Round is declared the CENTURY 21 Home Run Derby champion.
  • An out is registered when a player swings at a pitch and does not hit a home run.
  • A ball hit over the fence must be fair to count as a home run.

The golden ball returns for tonight's contest after making its debut last year.  When a player is down to their final out the pitcher will throw a golden ball.  Should the player hit a golden ball for a home run it will generate money given to charity.  Last year the amount was $21,000.  I assume that will be true this year also.

If you like to purchase a golden ball, you can buy one for the bargain price of $34.99.  A $15.00 reduction off last year's price.

Ichthyomancy points will be awarded in these categories: champion, most homers in a single round, most homers in the derby, and for any accurate (and specific) above and beyond picks (i.e. David Ortiz goes homerless in the first round and is eliminated or Troy Glaus outhomers Ryan Howard 5-3 in the final, with Glaus hitting two "golden" homers in the final round to clinch the title).

Tonight's Participants

Player Team Lg
Miguel Tejada Orioles AL
Lance Berkman Astros NL
Miguel Cabrera Marlins NL
Troy Glaus Blue Jays AL
Jermaine Dye White Sox AL
David Wright Mets NL
David Ortiz Red Sox AL
Ryan Howard Phillies NL

Since this is totally objective, I get to play. Oh, in this and likewise in the All-Star game, you are under no obligation to take a Marlins player. You can, if you want, but it is not required.

My picks:
Champion: Lance Berkman
Most homers in one round: David Ortiz
Most homers (cumulative): David Ortiz
AAB: Miguel Cabrera three golden home runs in round one

It's your turn to make your picks. I will add your name to the table as you make your selections. And yes, the points do count, well, for everyone but me.

Ichthyomancy pick table:

Person Champion Single Round Cumulative AAB
Craig Berkman Ortiz Ortiz Cabrera: 3 golden homers in round 1
Bobbob Howard Ortiz Ortiz 3 players hit 10 HR before 9 outs
Fluxuation Howard Howard Howard Total HR>150
Dan Ortiz Howard Howard Cabrera hits longest HR of the Derby, HR>465 ft.
17Marlin Wright Tejada Ortiz *comments*
Fishfan Howard Ortiz Howard Cabrera: 1 HR
HadMatter Dye Berkman Ortiz Howard hits longest HR

Best of Luck to Everyone!