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Mikey's Standing O

I have never highlighted a player on the opposing team before, but Mikey came home.

In case you were wondering why there is a big delay in the points being posted on Friday, well, that is the night I call my Mother in Florida.

Tonight was no different.

The first thing she asked me was if I had seen the ovation Mike Lowell received his first time at the plate.

Sadly, I had to respond: No, I didn't get home from work in time.

She went on to describe the standing ovation and how Dontrelle stood at the side of the mound and joined in.

Dave Joseph of the Sun-Sentinel had this to say:

Mike Lowell came home Friday evening.


But here he was again at Dolphin Stadium. The hometown kid who helped carry the Marlins to a championship. The franchise's most popular and classiest asset just a few years ago.

Here he was returning home the way he should have, back on top with a contending team. Getting a standing ovation before his first at-bat and, always the gentleman, tipping his cap.

I wish I had seen it.