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Day Off Today

As the Marlins head to San Diego on the "big ol' jet airliner", we also get a day to catch up on some sleep and get ready for the next West Coast series.

The Fish are 4-2 on the road trip so far and could have easily, okay, maybe not easily, been 5-1.

San Diego is 6-4 in their last 10 games but they do have a losing record at that huge ballpark they call home.  But it all begins tomorrow, so for now we get to kick back and enjoy other aspects of life.

I believe the Heat's first game in the NBA Championship is tonight.  Since the SB Nation doesn't have a site dedicated to the team feel free to discuss them in this thread.  For this is an Open Thread which is not just limited to the Heat but it is up for grabs for most anything that crosses your mind.

If I had to guess, though, I would guess the Heat will take center stage in the thread. Just a guess.