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The Dancing Twins get an Autograph

The salsa dancing partners, Alfredo and Miguel, sashayed their way over to the Giants batting cage in search of a collectible.

Marlins utility man Alfredo Amezaga, who is naturally shy, was so nervous about asking Barry Bonds for an autograph during batting practice Monday that he almost backed off from making the request. But with Miguel Cabrera at his side to offer support, the two approached Bonds and the slugger eagerly obliged.

''I was scared to death,'' Amezaga said.

It is good to see the tandem working so smoothly together.  Is salsa dancing an Olympic sport?  I think ballroom dancing is, so may be they have added salsa.  If ballroom dancing qualifies then I can't think of a reason salsa dancing wouldn't.  With the Olympics dropping baseball this could be our best hope of getting the two players a gold metal.

If you are confused by the salsa dancing thing, go here.