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Fox Sports gives their Awards

Fox Sports announced their one-third of the season awards yesterday.  And a Marlins was recipient of the one of the awards.

Rookie of the Year: Hanley Ramirez, Marlins

Tough call, but Ramirez -- because of his more pitcher-friendly home park and the lower offensive bar for shortstops -- gets the nod over Prince Fielder of the Brewers. Ramirez on the season is playing sound defense, and he's hitting .312 AVG/.377 OBP/.467 SLG (.344 AVG/.394 OBP/.510 SLG on the road) with 15 doubles. If not for him and Miguel Cabrera, the Marlins would be unthinkably dismal this season.

Way to go Hanley!

Now I don't think he will be receiving any cool memento like Josh will but it is still a nice honor.

I do take exception to the last sentence in the write up.  If Dayn Perry would spend any time watching the team he would learn the team is far from dismal.  How's the view from the cheap seats in New York, Dayn?

You did get it right that Hanley deserved the honor and you even correctly reported his stats but that is ALL you got right.