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Major League Draft Starts Today

For those you who like to follow this sort of stuff, the first day of the draft is today.  Unlike the drafts in the past, MLB has seemingly made it easier to follow the live action.

The draft starts at 1:00 p.m.

Go here to follow all of the action:

Draft Central

The Marlins are thought to be looking for position players since the organization already has so many good young arms in the Minors.  But you never know - old habits die hard.

If you have very strong feelings about who they should take you can always storm the Marlins draft room and let your feelings be known.

The Marlins' draft room is on the second floor of the team's spring-training complex in Jupiter...

If you do, be sure to give us a call afterwards so we can bail you out of jail.

The Marlins have the following player selections:

The Marlins pick 19th...36th...


Florida also holds the draft's 63rd (second round), 90th (third round), 95th (third round), 125th (fourth round) and 155th (fifth round) spots in the first five rounds.

This is a draft open thread.