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Germ Warfare?

I know that the Giants really want to win games but do they have to resort to this:

The Marlins won't be required to wear surgical masks to prevent the spread of germs when they take on the San Francisco Giants at AT&T Park the next three days.

But that idea was discussed in the wake of an intestinal virus that recently sickened more than two dozen members of the Colorado Rockies and St. Louis Cardinals -- the past two teams to play in San Francisco.

Sean Cunningham, the Marlins' head trainer, said he has had recent discussions with the medical staffs of the Cardinals, Rockies and Giants to develop a preventive plan and will instruct Marlins players and coaches to drink bottled water and wash their hands regularly during their stay by the bay.

''They haven't been able to pinpoint a cause,'' Cunningham said of the outbreak, which caused 11 members of the Rockies and at least 18 players and coaches on the Cardinals to experience severe vomiting and diarrhea within one to two days of their games in San Francisco. ``But it's not a coincidence.''


...only one Giants player, Ray Durham, reportedly fell ill with the same symptoms, most of the focus has centered on the visitors' clubhouse, as well as the hotel used by the Cardinals and Rockies in San Francisco.

The budget minded Marlins will be staying at a different hotel or maybe the YMCA or possibly under a bridge but no matter, they won't be hanging in the swanky joint that the Cardinals and Rockies can afford.

The clubhouse has been sanitized and hopefully the problem has been cured.  That is, at least, until the next Giant draws the short straw and has to poison the visitor's clubhouse again, just like poor Ray Durham did last time.

(Kudos to Sean for being on top of situation and taking care of it.)