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TV is the South Florida way of Watching the Marlins

Much like last year, the crowds aren't coming out to stadium, but that doesn't mean the locals aren't paying attention.

Viewers are into the Marlins. TV ratings are up 41 percent in June compared with May.

For whatever reason, and I can guess several, the fans in the area prefer to watch the Fish on television.  It is good to know that their accomplishments are not going unnoticed by the residents of South Florida.

The interesting thing, if not amazing, is that the ratings increase happened while the Heat were in the NBA finals.  I know for a fact that traffic to this site dropped off during the finals.

If the team keeps playing the way they are now, the number of  viewers should increase.  With any luck, that will translate to more people in the seats at the stadium cheering the kids on.

But I wouldn't count on it.