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Contrast in Styles

Kensing is finishing his pitch in the classical style.  Notice how the glove hand is against the chest.  This allows him to keep his shoulder from flying open and thus transferring momentum to his throwing arm.


Dontrelle is further along in his motion than Logan but notice where is glove hand is located.  It was at his side, away from his body, which causes him to open up. In the picture it is now behind his back.

I won't even pretend to understand Willis' pitching mechanics.  Maybe someday I will record a game and watch him in slow motion but from what I have seen in real time, he is flying open in his delivery.  For some reason this works for him.

If you are dreaming of making it in the majors as a pitcher, I recommend going with the Kensing style.  That is unless you are some incredibly limber, triple-jointed freak of nature, like Dontrelle.

Okay, maybe he is not a triple-jointed freak of nature, but not everyone can do this and produce results.

If you don't care about this stuff - Marlins Win! The pitchers were great.

Either works for me.