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Uggla Chats

Yesterday, Dan Uggla had an online chat session which I stupidly forgot to inform you about.

If you would like to look at the official transcript it is here.

Oogie is a good guy and had nothing but praise for everyone.  But one thing in his of his online conversation stood out to me.

Base_Ball: What do you think of the solid play that Alfredo Amezaga has been turning in every day?

Uggla: He's been a great teammate and no matter where you put him on the field, or what you ask him to do, you know he's going to get the job done. He has been a great piece on this team.

mike_mike: Who is your favorite player?

Uggla: Alfredo Amezaga!

I can understand that.  Dontrelle is my favorite player but Alfredo is moving up with a bullet.