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Sanchez staying with the Big Club for a bit

After his stellar performance, Sunday.  Anibal Sanchez will be with the team for a little while.

As he walked to his locker in the Florida Marlins' clubhouse for the first time Monday, Anibal Sanchez picked up a souvenir someone conveniently left on his chair.

It was the neatly filled-out lineup card from the previous night, a 5-0 victory over the New York Yankees.

"I'll put it on my wall," Sanchez said.

First off, when are the Marlins going to start selling/auctioning those calligraphy lineup cards.  I wouldn't expect the ones such as Sunday night's to be sold but the day in and day out games would a nice piece of memorabilia.  Shoot, sell them and give the money to charity.

Anyway, back to the point.

...Sanchez may not be going home anytime soon.


"We'll see how he does and we'll make an evaluation after," Marlins manager Joe Girardi said Monday. "The one thing about this club is we don't have to etch anything in stone, because we're so flexible, because we have so many young players. ... We're going to use him."

Here is the deal, he is going to be used as long relief in the short run.  He could possibly pick up a start against Boston (sweet), on July 1st.  But more than likely he will be get a start in the double header on July 8th against the Mets.

Sanchez will probably stay with the team until Uggla returns.  After that there is no reason for him to be in the Bigs, that is unless he can crack the starting rotation.  The young man is a starter and long relief in the bullpen is no place for him.  He should be sent down around the All-Star game and let him continue to develop his craft.