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Sanchez Joined the List

Before last night, only five Marlins pitchers had made their Major League debut as a starter and won.

Anibal Sanchez has now added his name to the list.

Sanchez is now the sixth starter in Marlins' history to win his MLB debut. The others were A.J. Burnett (1999), Brad Penny (2000), Jason Grilli (2000), Josh Beckett (2001) and Scott Olsen (2005).

Sanchez shutout the Yankees for 5 and two-thirds.  A really remarkable performance when you think about it.  He was called up from Double-A and his first start is in Yankee Stadium.  To top it all off, his mother was in attendance.  She had flown in from Venezuela to spend a couple of weeks watching her boy play in North Carolina.  Never anticipating he would be pitching in the famed ballpark in the Bronx.

Sanchez signaled to his mother, Carmen, in the stands as he walked off the field.


"I was dedicating the game to her," Sanchez said. "She was always with me in Venezuela at Nationals. Today she saw her dream of watching her son pitch in Yankee Stadium."

Now, that's a Major League Debut.

The other thing of note, last night, the Marlins were the first team this season to shutout the Yankees.  Before last night's game the Yankees were the only team in the majors who hadn't been shutout.

Also, that was the first time the Yankees have been shutout in interleague play since 2003.