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Uggla possibly Out for Awhile

Hamstrings injuries can be tough to overcome.  If you have never strained or pulled one, it may be hard to understand how slowly the recovery process takes place.  If you have, count me among the unfortunate, you know fully well how the injury can painfully linger for an extended time.

Unfortunately, Danny is experiencing that now.

Rookie second baseman Dan Uggla remains hopeful that he'll return this week, but there's a chance he might not play until after the All-Star break.

Uggla, who leads the Marlins with 13 home runs, hasn't been able to run without pain since he left Tuesday's game with a strained right hamstring.


The Marlins, knowing hamstring injuries can take a while to fully heal, are considering a conservative approach with Uggla.

They might keep him benched for the next two weeks, hoping to have him return July 13, the first game after the break.

It's good to see the club is being careful with him.  For if they're are not, it would end up being a reoccurring problem for the rest of the season.