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Loria Watches from Afar

Last night, Loria was home in New York and was at the game.  For the previous ones, he was tending to business across the Atlantic.  If you're British, "the pond".

Even while working in Europe, Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria followed his team's turnaround. In attendance Friday, Loria said he watched most games live via Internet, sometimes at 4 a.m. because of the time difference.

Nice to see he is even watching the games while he is away, very far away.  Watching a game on is painful enough, but at four in the morning.  That would require many carafes of wine.  Then again he may do things differently than I.

Jeffrey did hint at his possible strategy should the Marlins make a run at the wild-card.

Though he chose not to say it outright, Loria hinted he would remain true to his history of making player additions for the stretch run if the Marlins get in wild-card contention.

The natural inclination would be to add experience to team in order to make a playoff run.  I hope the first on the list would be to add Mr. Marlin.  I can't imagine a playoff drive without him.  This may not be the wisest addition, and at this point it isn't, it is a sentimental one that could provide scope and leadership to the task ahead.  Should the playoff run happen, I will offer other, possibly better selections.

But a part of me would want to just stand pat, warts and all, and see what the young guys can do.  Heck, they would have been the ones to get us there.  Let's see what they can do.

But that is a long ways off.  We have a long summer to get through and into the Fall and most of these players have never played that long of a season.  Let's see how they hold up first.