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Martinez headed back to the DL

While last night's game was an exciting, surprising contest, it came at a cost.

I didn't see it happen since I was flipping back and forth between the Marlins and Rice and at that point neither game was going well.  When I went back to the Marlins game I saw the trainer leading Carlos off the field.  Never a good sign.

Reliever Carlos Martinez reaggravated his strained right elbow and Girardi said the right-hander probably is headed back to the disabled list.

Given the light work load since his return, he isn't only headed to the DL, he is also headed to Alabama.

I expect this is end of the season for Martinez and he will soon become a patient of Dr. James Andrews with Tommy John surgery in his future.

Maverick is reporting that Chris Resop will take his place on the 25-man roster. I can't confirm this but it does make sense.

Chris did a good job last time up and I expect he will only be better this time.