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Site Seeing on the Schedule

If you have never been to Yankee Stadium you have missed out one of the finest experiences in professional baseball.

This will be a first for many of the Marlins and Joe wants them to take in the ambience of the historic park.

Girardi hopes the young Marlins take advantage of the history of Yankee Stadium and talk to some of the former Yankees.

"Every player that ever goes there should take a walk through Monument Park," Girardi said. "And you're probably going to see guys like Yogi Berra and Whitey Ford and Reggie Jackson. It's something they should watch and know a little bit of the history of baseball."

Hopefully the players will get to meet those legends of baseball.  As for Monument Park, there is no way that the pitchers can avoid it, even if they tried.

But they all should go, it is a wonderful experience.