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THT Dart Board

Hardball Times attempts every week to rank all of the Major League teams.  This week was no exception.

The Marlins have been moving up the list and rightly so.  Here is the Marlins present ranking:

21. Florida Marlins (Dartboard Factor = 75): The Marlins' nine game winning streak is over, but it finally announced to the rest of the country that Florida is not nearly as bad as some think it is. Sure, they're not going to contend, but the Marlins are a decent team with a lot of potential for the future.

They nailed it. As for the ranking, I think the team should be a few slots higher. But they have their mathematical algorithms they must adhere to.

If you would like to see the complete rankings and the methodology used to generate them, Click Here.

The Hardball Times isn't the only site to compile a list ranking teams.  Baseball Prospectus also has a list.

Baseball Prospectus is a pay-for-view site.  I happen to be a subscriber to the site and so, when I click on anything they have written I can read it in its entirety.  But I'm not sure you can.

Anyway, here is their list:  Baseball Prospectus Hit List.

Will someone, who is not a subscriber, click on the link and leave a comment as to whether they can read the complete article or not.  I'm begging here.

The Marlins are number 19 on the list.  Your help will be greatly appreciated.