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Treanor Goes Yard!

Matt Treanor hit his first Major League home run last night.  Way to go Matt!

I knew that the home run would be inevitable some time this season, especially since he is playing semi-regularly.  Even with that in mind, last night was a good night.

Treanor's fourth-inning homer was special. Technically, he was leading all active major-leaguers (non-pitchers) for most at-bats (266) without his first. Tampa Bay infielder Luis Ordaz (440) and outfielder Joey Gathright (409) have yet to hit their first, but they are on the disabled list and considered inactive.

Treanor, after hitting his 388 ft. shot into the left field bleachers, raced around the bases.  Causing some good nature ribbing from the other players.

"He didn't know what to do," pitcher Dontrelle Willis said. "I looked up and he was already rounding second. It was a beautiful thing to see."

It was a beautiful thing to see.  Dontrelle loves his catcher especially since his turn around from early in the season is directly linked to Matt being behind the plate in his starts.

There was actually a reason for Treanor sprinting around the bases.

Treanor said he sprinted around the bases as a tribute to his high school coach Bob Ickes at Mater Dei High School in Santa Ana, Calif.

As the game progressed I was wondering whether there was any way he could end up with the ball.  

I don't know whether the Marlins organization took up the mission or whether the Orioles, a fine club with a sense of history, made it happen.  But it happened.

Treanor retrieved the ball by giving the fan who caught it one of his bats and a signed Miguel Cabrera baseball.

It is nice of the fan to trade the ball for those fine memorabilia pieces but if you are going for memorabilia - go for memorabilia.  At least try to get an autographed picture of Misty thrown into the deal and trust me, Dontrelle would have signed anything you own.

If you are wondering why I have highlighted this event to this extent, it's because I like Treanor.  He is a very good catcher and I love the way he takes command on the field.

Watching him behind the plate is a joy.  He moves quietly when shifting positions while checking the hitter making sure he isn't peeking back.

He loves the game and it shows.

Besides: Treanor Owns the Plate!