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Marlins Rookie Starters

The following story gives some insight into the personalities of the rookie starters, Nolasco, Olsen and Johnson.  The reason for reporting it is, that I have been somewhat amiss in doing so about the team in the past.  I have run across tidbits such as these fairly often and I have failed to report them.  That stops now - the team needs to be personalized.

Off the field, they couldn't be more different.

Ricky Nolasco is a computer nerd who attends chapel every week, decorates his locker with rosaries and spends his off-seasons camping in the desert.

Scott Olsen is an extrovert who smokes cigarettes, plays video games and got a black eye last month in an after-hours scrap with a teammate.

Josh Johnson, at 6-feet-7, is a quiet man with a Mormon upbringing who likes to relax by curling up in front of the TV with his fiancée to watch their favorite show, Family Guy.

Okay, which one would you be most likely to be friends with off the field?

For me, computer nerd - strikes a familiar chord.  But then again my wanting to be in the desert is next to nil.

 Or would I choose partying Scott Olsen - definitely would have been my choice in college, which speaks volumes for my undergraduate career.  Now, not so much.

I do like the Family Guy.  But unless a baseball game is on or it is one of the very few shows I watch, TV has very little interest to me.

Given the information presented, this would be a tough call for me.  Perhaps it is an easier one for you.  If it is: who would it be?