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The Hammer's Return is Near

Willingham after a successful session off the tee and some soft toss is slated to do a short rehab session in the minors.

Josh Willingham, on the disabled list with a sprained left hand, is set to play two rehab assignments for Double-A Carolina on Tuesday and Wednesday. They are at the Chattanooga Lookouts. Willingham is eligible to be activated on Thursday, when the team is in Baltimore.

While I will be excited to see him rejoin the team, I don't want to see him rushed back for any reason.  His hitting off the tee and soft toss was a success but it took a while for his hand to loosen up.

Hopefully the team will err towards caution concerning his physical condition.  The Marlins are winning without him, so I can't think of a reason to hurry him back.

Would the team be better with him in the lineup?  You bet.  But the important thing is to be able to keep him in the lineup once he returns.

Management has done a good job so far with the young guys and I'm willing to trust they are going to again in this case.