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Mitre in the Movies

Sergio makes his movie debut in the film "The Break Up".

Without even knowing it, Sergio Mitre has gained some major motion picture attention.

In the film, "The Break Up," starring Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston, there is a scene with a quick glance of a baseball game on TV. That game featured Mitre, pitching for the Cubs last year, throwing a pitch.

With the movie based in Chicago, Vaughn's character is a big Cubs fan.

Mitre's appearance on TV was very brief. But since the movie opened, several friends have called Mitre to say he is "a movie star."

Mitre wasn't aware he was shown in the movie.

Marlins fans who see the movie will also hear a familiar voice. Cubs announcer Len Kasper, the Marlins TV announcer from 2002-2004, can be heard.

After looking at the reviews on The Internet Movie Database, Mitre may be the only reason to see this flick.