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Fake Teams Responds

A cross site discussion - I like that.  Heck, I didn't even know he read FishStripes, I'm honored.

Before we get into that, Fake Teams, put out their list of Marlins players who are considered keepers in the fantasy baseball world.  This is the list.

A name was missing from the list, in my opinion, Josh Willingham.  I don't know his policy for handling players on the DL, but I would think now is the time to get him.  Granted, the way things are shaping up he won't qualify at catcher next year, but nonetheless, I think he is worth a flyer.

Eric is the expert fantasy guy. I'm just a Marlins fan, so my opinion on Willingham may be skewed due to my bias.

Now, on to the discussion.  Eric is going with Taylor Tankersley as the closer should Borowski be traded at the deadline.

That is not a bad choice, but I think unless another left handed pitcher emerges from the minors, he will stay as the situational lefty.   That is, unless Kensing folds which I don't think he will.

In case your are saying under your breath, "but what about Vargas?"  He has unfortunately fallen to injury, as reported by our good friend Maverick.  The Vargas situation.

The injury doesn't sound serious but the club won't rush him up to the Bigs.

Anyway, that is my take on: shake the magic eight ball and see what the future holds.