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Ross HBP in the Face

I have a standing dinner engagement with a family member on Wednesday nights.  So I rarely see any part of the Marlins game on that evening.

Last night, as we were leaving, we passed by the lounge which had the television tuned to the Mets - Phillies game and the announcer said they had an update on the Braves - Marlins game.

I naturally stopped to watch the update.  I almost wish I hadn't.  ESPN showed the clip of Cody Ross squaring around to bunt and a high fast ball tailed in and hit him square in the face.

I was horrified and my dinner companion asked "who just got hit?"  I responded "Cody Ross", of course that meant nothing to him.

I watched as Cody finally got up on his feet and turned to the umpire looking for solace. He had a look on his face that is hauntingly etched into my mind.  It was a wide eyed look of fear and one of searching for hope, that the ump could reassure him that his face wasn't badly damaged - as he stood profusely bleeding from the mouth.

The umpire did a crappy job of reassuring him, his look didn't ease until Joe and Marlins trainer Sean Cunningham arrived on the scene.

The news account of the event.

Cody Ross was squaring to bunt, a Villarreal fastball ran in on the left fielder, striking him on the left side of his mouth and jaw.

It was a scary moment, Ross on the ground with blood streaming from his lip.


Regarding Ross' jaw, the preliminary news was good. An X-ray came back negative, and the outfielder didn't suffer any damage to his teeth. He will be further evaluated Thursday.

"He's OK," Marlins manager Joe Girardi said. "His lip was bleeding. He got hit in the jaw. His teeth are all there. They are going to X-ray him. We don't assume that there is anything broken. It's a scary moment. That's a tough moment for a player and his family."