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My Favorite Quotes from Last Night

I was reading all of the recap articles about last night's game.  That is what I do and some the quotes stood out to me.

The first one is about Josh Johnson.

''He's good,'' said Braves manager Bobby Cox. ``He's legit.''

I don't know what you think about Bobby Cox but in my book, this is high praise.  It is nothing we didn't know already but it is nice to have it confirmed by the legendary manager.

The next two are not of a serious nature but for some reason they stood out to me.

The first of the two being:

"You want to ride the good streaks for a long time," Girardi said, "and ride the bad ones for as short of a time as possible."

Well, duh.  Joe is a smart guy and it intrigues me how he went for the lowest the common denominator for his explanation of streaks.  I guess after doing a number of post game press conferences it is just the easiest way to go.

The final one:

Amezaga scored on Johnson's double off the left-field wall, his first hit of the season.

"The hit was big," Johnson said with a huge smile. "Scott [Olsen] and I had been kidding each other about who would get the first hit, and I was like 0 for 14."

Olsen is 0 for 19.

Josh, my money was on you to get the first hit.  The way I understand it, Scott is 0 for his lifetime.  He hasn't had a hit in the majors and never even lucked into one in the minors.  You were the odds on favorite here. We never had any doubt that you would be the first.

Scott Olsen's first hit - super AAB pick.