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Willingham to the DL

This a precautionary move but could result in more time on the DL than is expected at the present.

Left fielder Josh Willingham had a cortisone shot in his left hand Tuesday and will be placed on the 15-day disabled list today retroactive to May 7. He last played in San Francisco on May 6.

"It only hurts when I swing the bat," Willingham said as he pointed to a ligament he strained swinging at a 95-mph fastball from Jason Schmidt. "When I swung, something kind of stung, and it hasn't gotten a lot better."

I hate to the bearer of bad news but Josh was facing soft tosses and then tried to hit off the tee.  In both instances, he felt pain in his left hand.

Joe has the right idea about how to handle this situation.

Manager Joe Girardi thought the disabled list was smarter than testing the hand every day to see if it was good enough to resume playing.

"Let's not be stupid," Girardi said.

Since Willingham had the cortisone shot, there is basically no way he can return for seven days.  Four or possibly more for the shot and a few to get his timing back.  That is assuming it works.

I really like the fact that the team recognizes the position they are in, in that, there is absolutely, positively, no reason to rush a player back from injury.  The Marlins are hot right now but a playoff run is not in our future for this year.  (If I end up eating those words, that will be the best meal I have ever had.)

Playoff runs may come, and frankly I expect them to come, within the next few years.  That is, if our budding stars don't turn into chronic injury cases and it appears the management is going to do everything in their power to see that doesn't happen.

Chris Aguila has been called up to take Willingham's place on the roster.

It is probably going to be a free for all in the outfield in the meantime.  Borchard and Ross are expected to man left field but who knows at this point.  The way Alfredo is going, his play demands he plays somewhere and he should. It is entirely possible that he may be our new center fielder, at least for awhile. That is, until he is needed in the infield.

Yes, he is amazing.