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Girardi's Style of Managing

I was reading a baseball book recently which I plan to review, in fact I have three reviews planned, that was discussing the type of manager needed for a young team versus one loaded with veterans.  

The book made the case that to be successful with a young team the organization will need an authoritarian manager at the helm.  Someone to tell the young players when and what to do.  In other words, install a work ethic and let them know what was expected of them in no uncertain terms and let them know why.

Joe is that style of a manager.

Besides his emphasis on teaching, veterans on the Marlins have been impressed by three qualities about Joe Girardi: 1) He treats the players like men. 2) He has been extremely positive, even after losses. Though he gets angry, ''he's never lost it all season,'' Wes Helms said. 3) He communicates effectively. That was a complaint some had about Jack McKeon, who felt no obligation to explain decisions.

'He's not going to yell at you like a 10-year-old, and that's how you earn players' respect,'' Helms said.

Girardi studied well under Torre and may be others.  He is showing himself to be an excellent manager for a young team. Something we will conceivably have in the coming years.