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The West Coast trip was a success with the team going 6-3.  The history of the Marlins on such type of trips is normally not very good.  But the young ones are setting their own pace, so normal tendencies be.....Uh...well...I promised myself I wouldn't cuss on the front page so you can complete the sentence as desired.

But back to original topic of AAB picks, I was a little disappointed that no one called for a cove shot in San Francisco (didn't happen) or a third story shot to the Western Metal Supply Co. Building in San Diego (that did happen).

In fact only three visiting players have ever hit a ball into the third story balcony and two are them are Marlins, Cabrera and Uggla.

We are going to start a five game home series and then take out on the road again.  First stop will be Baltimore.  Please, somebody, please, show some creativity and call a B&O warehouse shot.

I'm just funnin' with ya, but this type of a specific call will get awarded extra points if it happens.

Also, a couple of FishStripers have tried multiple picks in their AAB selections, i.e. 2 SB, HR, 2B.  If all of those were to hit, that's worth three points.

AAB picks are a little like playing Keno in Vegas.  You can play safely or you can try to bring home the whole pot.  The choice is yours.